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Stay Strong! ALNG2 Modules Construction Project 15 Million Safety Man-hours Celebration was Held

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Arctic LNG2 (ALNG2) project is the second Arctic LNG production project launched by Novatek, Russia, after YAMAL LNG project. Our company is responsible for the construction of six compressor and generator modules on two GBS of MWP2A package, with a single module exceeding 10,000 tons and a total weight of more than 60,000 tons, including 7 sets of the world's largest turbine compressors and detailed design, procurement, and construction for large electrical room. The project was started in December 2019, and the milestone of 15 million safety man-hours was successfully achieved in late August 2021.

On September 9th, a 15 million safety man-hours celebration was held in the final assembly area, with more than 800 representatives from ALNG2, GYGAZ and PJOE participating in the celebration.

At the beginning of the celebration, GYGAZ site Manager Jeremy, on behalf of the clients, presented PJOE with the honor trophy of 15 million safety man-hours.

Benoit, deputy site manager of ALNG2, first delivered a speech. He pointed out that PJOE Site has more than 6, 000 people participating in the construction of 6 super large modules every day, which is one of the most challenging sites with the most challenging construction tasks. Achieving this very important safety milestone is a testament to our superior safety capabilities. Looking ahead, the first line will be delivered in the near future. Until the end of the project, we will have more difficult work and bigger challenges. We must work strong, safe and united until the end of the project.

Then GYGAZ site Manager Jeremy delivered a speech. He pointed out that 15 million safety man-hours are the result of the joint efforts of all staff. The understanding, tolerance and practice of high safety standards by all staff at our site have defined an excellent safety culture. At the same time, the closer we get to the end of the project, the more vigilant we have to be. We should pay more attention to the site safety, pay more attention to the work in our hands, take safety as the top priority, and really realize the scheduled closing, safe closing and strong closing!

Liu Dongtao, executive deputy general manager of PJOE, then delivered a speech. He pointed out that after nearly two years of hard work, we have achieved hard-won results in this extremely complex project. We have reason to feel proud, but also to clearly recognize the current situation. The first line is about to be delivered, while the second line is at the peak of final assembly. In this critical period, if any accident occurs, the damage to the employee's family will be permanent, and it will never be erased in the history of the project construction and the history of the company, and all the achievements will be destroyed once. Safety is the employees’ happiness, is our reputation, and is our real productivity and progress, no safety, no everything! He put forward four hopes: First, everyone should overcome the carelessness. Second, never take shortcuts, all operations should be performed in accordance with procedures and safety regulations. Third, truly achieve the unity of knowledge and action, rather than shouting slogans, every client and employee who found nonconformities, hidden dangers and risks, should remind each other and stop, which is the embodiment of PJOE’s safety and care culture. As long as we work hard, keep our passion and work hard together, we will be confident to keep our safety performance until the end of the project and deliver beautiful, high-quality, clean and perfect modules to clients on time!

Zhang Jianli, manager of HSE Department of PJOE, awarded the module managers flags of safety and care, hoping that managers at all levels can lead every brother and sister to work safely and go home safely with greater confidence!