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PJOE Carried Out Special Activities in Quality Month

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In September 2021, during national quality month, PJOE organized and carried out various forms of special activities to promote and improve quality. The activities were carried out with "strengthen education and training, improve the quality prevention and risk awareness of all staff, continue to cultivate core professional team" and "consolidate the basic work, take process discipline seriously, pursue doing work first-time-right, reduce the cost waste caused by quality problems, ensure zero defect delivery" as the main line of quality policy.

Made quality exhibition board corridor, comprehensively displaying and publicizing quality culture and cases, organized construction team to learn, deepen their understanding of quality culture, and improve quality control awareness and skills.

Organized the responsible person of the construction unit and the Project Management Department to participate in special quality inspection activities, registered the problems found in the inspection process, formed special inspection reports and organized tracking and rectification.

Carried out quality evaluation activities of production units, evaluated and encouraged quality assessment based on inspection acceptance rate, NDT repair rate, quality notification and accident record, daily inspection violations and problems in special inspection activities, etc.

Carried out quality theme essay and photo collection activities

Carried out quality knowledge competition; organized workshops, departments, partners a total of 18 teams participated in the competition around quality knowledge, and the competition consists of three stages: preliminary, semi-final and final.