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The 5th shipment of PJOE ExxonMobil project was delivered ahead of schedule

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On June 10th, 2020, the 5thshipment of PJOE ExxonMobil Olefin Facility Module Construction Project, five modules with a total weight of 1,400 tons, left PJOE quayside five days earlier than originally planned.

PJOE, together with GCGV, CKJV and subcontracting partners, overcomes the adverse factors such as the delay in schedule and the shortage of production resources caused by the COVID-19 out broken, actively creates construction conditions, based on the plan, resources and progress of thedynamically controlled critical path of the module, cooperates closely to promote on-site production, communicate and solve problems in the first time, and ensure the smooth and orderly progress of module construction.

By the end of May, modules of the 5thshipment completed all piping works except for preservation and scaffold removal ahead of schedule, making full preparations for subsequent weighing and displacement. On June 8th, all five modules were successfully loaded on board by SPMT.

Failure Is Not an Option. Win every battle and attack. PJOE, GCGV, CKJV and subcontracting partners work side by side to deliver projects on time, safely and with high quality, constantly creating new miracles! Recently, GCGV module manager Lain Quinn awarded PJOE as the "Best Module Fabricator ", and commended PJOE for its strong leadership and organizational ability, team effort and dedication to effectively promote project progress, and outstanding achievements in delivering modules of multiple shipments on schedule and even in advance!