Staff Development

Employee growth and enterprise development complement each other and achieve each other. The enterprise sets up a platform for employee growth and employees inject power into enterprise development. Jutal Offshore Oil Services Limited insists that employees are the first productive force, and regards more than 3000 employees as the core resources and strategic capital for enterprise development.

The company has established a sound talent training mechanism, and set up three development channels of management, technology and skills, so that employees can experience in the channel and develop across channels according to their work and learning situation.

The company gives full play to the group's personnel and organizational advantages, and provides opportunities and possibilities for employees to communicate across regions and in various fields, so that employees can learn from each other in different businesses and disciplines.

The company keeps optimizing the organizational environment, selecting and cultivating talents, regularly organizing talent inventory, key positions and selection of key talents, forming a strong atmosphere of competitive cooperation, orderly and positive talent development.

The company actively organized various skill competitions and issued theImplementation of Innovative Incentivesto encourage employees to give full play to their intelligence and wisdom, share their wisdom achievements, and serve the development of the enterprise.