Innovation Management

The company attaches great importance to innovation management, and its subsidiaries in Penglai and Chengdu are all high-tech enterprises. Through the experience of large-scale projects at home and abroad, we constantly summarize experience and optimize technological process. At the same time, with the help of information tools, we focus on organizational optimization and management innovation, and constantly improve the organization's energy efficiency and production efficiency.

At present, Penglai Jutal has 9 authorized national invention patents, 18 utility model patents, 11 software copyrights, 4 provincial scientific and technological achievements appraisal and 1 provincial scientific and technological project approval.

Zhuhai Jutal has carried out patent layout for core products and construction process, and has obtained 21 patent authorizations at present.

Focusing on gas preparation, gas separation and purification technology, Chengdu Jutal has obtained 9 patents including "A Method of Removing Organic Sulfur from Natural Gas".