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Zero Defects, Our Common Goal

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On November 10th, 2023, PJOE and SBM Company jointly carried out the World Quality Week Forum activity with the theme of "Quality: Realizing Your Competitive Potential". The project teams had an active exchange and discussion on methods, skills and tools to improve quality and prevent defects.

Mendes Pedro, SBM Site Manager, thanked everyone for their focus on quality and their efforts to create a quality delivery. He stressed that quality is the nameplate of our team, but also the life of the project.

Feng Xiaojun, deputy manager of the Project Management Department of PJOE, shared the quality construction with the on-site personnel, and he encouraged everyone to do it right at once to improve the quality pass rate and production efficiency.

The project team members actively shared and discussed the problems found in the construction process of the project and the key points of quality control.

Together with SBM, PJOE awarded outstanding quality management personnel.